Program Goals – Preschool Room & Senior Room

1. To promote development of each child as an individual and as a group member.

2. To care for each child in an affectionate way so that the child knows that s/he is special.

3. To give each child a sense of achievement and self-confidence.

4. To provide for the emotional growth of each child by making each child secure in their setting.

5. To provide opportunities to develop good relations between parent, child, and teacher.

6. Prepare activities to promote social, physical and intellectual development.

7. To provide children with the opportunity for role playing so that they can express their feelings and ideas.

8. To provide an opportunity for both active and quit activities, as well as, choices between the two.

9. To establish and maintain limits on behavior to protect each child as an individual and to protect the group.

10. To help the child relate to their peers, to that s/he is able to share and take turns.

11. To enhance fine motor skills, and eye-hand co-ordination by giving children an opportunity to create with a variety of materials.

12. To provide opportunity for gross motor development in both indoor and outdoor activities, (skipping, running, marching and hopping)

13. To encourage self-direction and independent learning.

14. To broaden children’s vocabulary through songs, books and games.

15. To help children recognize their own name.

16. To help children recognize geometric shapes and primary colours.

17. To help children to become independent – at washroom time, become competent at dressing themselves – zippers, snaps and buttons.

18. To help children in their counting – both individually and as a group by using Calendar songs, rhymes and finger plays etc.

19. To make learning fun for the children.

20. Senior Preschool Room – offer a little more structure while preparing the children for school and encouraging independence.


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