Program Goals – Toddler Room

1. To make each child aware of their own uniqueness by caring for them in a warm, affectionate way.

2. To develop a program that will enhance the developmental needs of each child as an individual.

3. To encourage each child to become independent and self sufficient in meeting their own needs.

4. To encourage sharing and co-operation among the children.

5. To establish and maintain limits on behaviors and to adhere to those limits faithfully.

6. To provide a safe and stimulating environment in which the child feels comfortable and secure.

7. To foster feelings of self-confidence and achievement.

8. To provide for emotional growth through the expression and feelings in play and creative activities.

9. To promote and encourage language development through books, songs, and games.

10. To present basic concepts of learning, such as shapes, colours and numbers.

11. To foster large and small muscle development through a variety of experiences.

12. To establish an open, honest relationship with the parents so that we may become a source of support and help for each other.

13. To make learning a fun and exciting experience for the children.


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