Program Goals – Infant Room

1. To care for infants in a warm, affectionate way that lets each child know that s/he is a  special person, including the physical affection and cuddling that is so important at this stage of development.


2. To meet each child’s physical needs completely.


3. To implement strict sanitation procedures that are adhered to faithfully.


4. To provide opportunities for exploring, learning, and social interaction through a good variety of daily activities.


5. To prepare activities to stimulate the senses recognizing that infants learn through the use of their eyes, ears, fingers, sense of taste, and smell.


6. To care for children in small groups, to prevent over-stimulation and disorder and to provide opportunities for 1 to 1 interaction between children and staff.


7. To provide opportunity for the use of large and small motor skills and outdoor activity.


8. To establish awareness among the staff that always provides for a safe environment.


9. To provide a certain consistency between Day Care and Home Care practices that will be most beneficial to the infant and will offer the parents an opportunity an opportunity to influence the kind of care their child receives.


10. To establish an observation system in which notes on children are kept.


11. To be supportive of parents encouraging involvement, encouraging open and honest communication while using tact and discretion.


12. To develop staff potential through proper supervision by making expectations clear, following through to see that expectations are met and utilizing staff input and their abilities.


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